[Digital] Banner on Website
Utilize the high online coverage achieved by E-world. The E-world website is the first point of contact with the trade fair and has a correspondingly high number of visitors. The following pages are available as banner spaces: homepage, news, exhibit, visit, program.

[Digital] Community Premium
Take full advantage of E-world Community functions to digitally complement your presence at E-world in the best possible way. Extensive company profile with links, videos, Twitter channel Participation in the marketplace with 3 offers Integrate your stand personnel into your profile News, requests, downloads.

From €850.00*
[Digital] Image Advert in the Newsletter
Exhibitors, visitors and interested contacts at E-world are continuously supplied with news and relevant information about Europe’s leading trade fair for the energy industry. E-world is the multiplication factor for your message.

From €1,590.00*
[Digital] Logo on the Floorplan
The sponsorship package “logo on the floor plan” ensures that your company logo is always visible on E-world’s most important medium.

[Digital] Press Package
Be present before, during and after the trade fair with this package: three press releases are published online on the E-world website and displayed in the press center during the event. Publish your news with up to 4,000 characters, a teaser with up to 250 characters and a picture.

[Digital] Promotion License
Approach interested contacts: with a promotion team on all three trade fair days. Bring your advertising directly to the trade fair visitors. The number of promotion team licenses is limited – make sure of a place in good time.

[Digital] Side Events
Möchten Sie die Aufmerksamkeit der Messebesucher auf Ihre Events während der E-world lenken? Mit unserem „Side Event“-Angebot in der E-world Community können Sie Ihre Events, wie Workshops, Vorträge oder Pressekonferenzen auf Ihrem Stand in den Mittelpunkt rücken und dem E-world Publikum auf der zentralen Plattform zur Messe präsentieren.

[Digital] Text Advert in the Newsletter
Exhibitors, visitors and interested contacts at E-world are continuously supplied with news and relevant information about Europe’s leading trade fair for the energy industry. E-world is the multiplication factor for your message.

From €1,590.00*
[Kick-off] Sponsorship E-world Kick-off
November 7 – 9, 2023 | Online conference The digital conference “E-world Kick-off” in November marks the starting point for preparations for the on-site trade fair in February. Three days offer compact discussions and reviews of the current state of the European and German energy industry. November 7 focusses on governments’ roles in energy markets, November 8 analyzes the global gas markets in transition, and November 9 discusses Energiewende’s sibling “Wärmewende” (heat transition).  With over 600 expected participants over three days, the Kick-off offers a unique platform to present your company or product. In addition: The YouTube streams remain available afterwards and will be watched by many of the over 20,000 on-site visitors during their trade fair preparations.

From €2,500.00*
[Live] Cube Advertising Spaces
HALLS 1, 3 AND GALERIA Show your customers the way: the five cubes act as signposts on-site and are placed in central locations in the trade fair halls. One side of each of the five cubes is available to you as advertising space.

[Live] Forum Sponsoring Package
Leave a lasting impression by sponsoring (one of) our Forums Hydrogen Solutions (Hall 5), Future (Hall 5), New Energy Systems (Hall 1) and/or Change (Hall 4). The sponsorship includes the installation of 30 high-quality seating cubes with your branding, a logo placement during the breaks between the lectures as well as the display of a flyer at the information counter of the forum. The sponsorship is for the entire duration of the event. 

[Live] Pop-Up-Stand at a Forum
Attract the attention of trade fair visitors to yourself and your company or institution after and before your presentation. For non-exhibitors at E-world, we offer a dedicated small area with a pop-up booth right next to one of our forums: Hydrogen Solutions (hall 5), Future (hall 5), Change (hall 4). Use the booth as a stage to present yourself ideally on the day of your presentation.

[Live] WLAN in Meeting Areas
Strengthen your presence and ensure smooth connectivity at the same time. We offer you the opportunity to sponsor a WIFI access point for visitors in E-world meeting areas and lounges. By strategically placing rollups, banners and flyers with your name and the WIFI password in the area, you will be optimally present as a sponsor. In addition, you have the possibility to personalize the WIFI in the area with the name of your company.

[Print] Advertisement in the E-world Magazine P_Review
The E-world Magazine is the official event medium of E-world energy & water. It reaches forward-thinking, solution-seeking readers among our visitors, exhibitors and partners throughout Germany and Europe. Get an idea of what the magazine‘s looks in our online archive:www.e-world-essen.com/en/magazine

[Print] Back Cover of the Floorplan
An exclusive advertising opportunity which guarantees your visibility. The floor plan of E-world energy & water is distributed and displayed during the whole event. You are reaching basically every visitor. Furthermore, the floor plan contains the congress program and the forum schedule – high frequency of contact guaranteed.

From €3,800.00*
[Print] Bookmark in the Trade Fair Catalogue
Have a presence for your customers during and after the trade fair: with our sponsorship offer “bookmark in the trade fair catalogue”. The bookmark stays in the exhibition catalogue and will be remembered – assure yourself of this exclusive package.